Good marketing starts with great data analysis

Our skilled analysts and campaign managers developed over the years a winning ‘positive ROI strategy’. Through precise data-driven analytical work, we ensure maximal profitability for our clients. More and more eCommerce websites around the world are optimizing their digital marketing budget with Wivo’s analysts. 

Wivo Studio

Where creative concepts and data analysis unite. Interactive landing pages, 3D ads, design, and copywriting that disrupt & convert.  “Who decides if an ad is good? You, or a thousand users?”

Wivo Academy

The proper & practical way to enter the world of digital marketing. Wivo Academy offers 1 on 1 training on all the major marketing platforms with our best & brightest analysts and campaign managers.

E-commerce 360°

Increase your profitability with in-depth user behavior analysis and strategic planning.
Heat map analysis, website performance monitoring, comprehensive campaign insights, frequent competitor research, daily & monthly performance analysis reports.

Wivo Campaign Guide

We created an eBook that contains all the knowledge a campaign manager needs to be familiar with in order to maximize success on all major platforms.

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